Student Life and Early Lectures ( 1).
Professor at Zurich and Erlangen ( 2).
Councilor of the Consistory ( 3).
The New Catechism and Hymn-book ( 4).
Victory of Ebrard's Opponents ( 5).
His Return to Erlangen ( 6).
Estimate of his Work ( 7).

This Reformed theologian was born at Erlan gen Jan. 18, 1818; d. there July 23, 1888. His father came of a family of French refugees and was preacher of the French Reformed Church in Erlangen. At an early age August revealed extraor dinary endowments and vivacity of z. Student mind. He attended the gymnasium

Life and of his native city, and began the study

Early of theology at the university in 1835

Lectures under Olshausen, Hbfling, Krafft,

Hofmann and Harless. His great mental vivacity induced him to study almost all branches of human science and art, not, however, neglecting the pleasures and attractions of the student life. From 1838 to 1839 he studied at

Berlin, where he was especially attracted by the philosopher Steffens. He also heard Hengstenberg, Neander, Twesten, Marheineke, Strauss, Ritter, Trendelenburg and others. After his examination in 1839 he accepted a position as pri-


vate tutor and subsequently established himself in the philosophical faculty at Erlangen, lecturing in 1842 on the relation of philosophy to theology. In the same year he went over to the theological faculty and lectured on the Old and the New Testament and on the Reformation in Switzerland. At the same time he wrote a comprehensive work on the criticism of the history of the Gospels (Frankfort, 1842; Eng. transl. from the 2d ed., The Gospel History

2. Professor at Zurich and Erlangen

Zurich where he defended positive Biblical Christianity against the and radicalism of Strauss, and founded a weekly paper for that purpose, Die Zukunft der Kirche

3. Councilor of the Consistory

His native soil seemed to develop his many-sided powers into full maturity. He de voted himself to his lectures, attracting large cir cles of students, and treating chiefly of dogmatics, but also of the Old and of the the New Testament and practical the Consistory. ology. He founded the Reformierte KirchenzPitung


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