DUCEY, THOMAS JAMES: Roman Catholic; b. at Lismore (111 m. s.s.w. of Dublin), County Cork, Ireland, Feb. 4, 1843. He went to the United Staten at the age of five, and was graduated at St. Francis Xavier's College, New York City, in 1884; and at the Provincial Seminary, Troy, N. Y., in 1888. He was ordained to the priesthood in 1888, and in 1889 was attached to the staff of the Church of the Nativity, New York City, where he incurred the opposition of the Tweed ring by his denunciations of municipal corruption. In 1872 he was transferred to St. Michael's in the same city, and in the following year began the active organization of societies for Roman Catholic young men. In 1880 he founded St. Leo's Church. He was assistant chaplain in the City Prison for several years, and is .active in movements against political evil and in philanthropic enterprises.

DUCHESNE, d0"shAn',.LOUIS MARIE oLrMR: French Roman Catholic;' b: at.St. Servan (100 m. n. of Nantes) Sept. 13, 1843. He studied in Paris sad at . Rome from 1873- to 1878, visiting Epirus, Theesalyy Macedonia, and Mt. Athos a 1874, and


making a tour of Asia Minor in 1876. From 1877 to 1895 he was professor of church history in the Institut Catholique de Paris, .and since the latter year has been director of the French school at Rome. He was also maitre de conferences and later directeur d'6tudes at the tcole des Hautes etudes, Paris, 1885-95, and in 1888 was elected a member of the Académie des Inscriptions et BellesLettres. He has written De Macario Magnets et aeriptia ejus (Paris, 1877); etude sur le Liber Pontificalis (1877); Mémoire sur une mission au Mont Athos (1877; in collaboration with C. Bayet); Vita Sandi Polycarpi, auctore Pionio (1881); Le Liber Poredficalis: Texts, introduction et commentaire (2 vols., 1886-92); Origines du tulle chrdien (1889; Eng. transl. by M. L. McClure under the title Christian Worship: Its Origin and Evolution, London, 1902); Les Anciens Catalogues oiscopaux de la province de Tours (1890); Fades dpiscopaux de l'ancienne Gaule (2 vols., 1894-99); Autonomies ecclessiastiques (1896); Les Premiere Temps de 1'aat pontifical (1898); Le Forum chrdien (Rome, 1899); Autonomies eeclEsiastiques; Eglisea soar&& (1904; Eng. transl., Churches Separated from Rome, New York, 1908).


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