DRIVER, SAMUEL ROLLES: Church of England; b. at Southampton Oct. 2, 1846. He studied at Winchester College and New College, Oxford (B.A., 1869), where he was fellow 1870-82 and tutor 1875-82. Since 1882 he has been regius professor of Hebrew and canon of Christ Church, Oxford. He was a member of the Old Testament Revision Company 1876-84, and examining chaplain to the bishop of Southwell 1884-1904. He has written A Treatise on the Use of the Tenses in Hebrew (London, 1874); Isaiah: Life, Times, and Writings which bear his Name (1888); Notes on the Hebrew Text of the Books of Samuel (Oxford, 1890); Introduction to the Literature of the Old Testament (Edinburgh. 1891); Sermons on Subjects connected with the Old Testament (London, 1892); Deuterottomy (1895); and Authority and Archæology, Sacred and Profane (in collaboration with D. G. Hogarth; 1899). He also edited the commentary of Moses ben Shesheth on Jeremiah and Ezekiel (London, 1871); The Holy Bible, with various Renderings and Readings from the best Authorities (1876); The Fifty-third Chapter of Isaiah according to the Jewish Interpreters (in collaboration with A. D. Neubauer; 1877): The Book of Proverbs attributed to Abraham ibn Ezra (1880); Leviticus, in The Polychrome Bible (2 vols., 1894-97); The Parallel Psalter (1898); Daniel, Joel, and Amos, in The Cambridge Bible for Schools (Cambridge, 1900-01); Genesis, in The Westminster Commentaries (London, 1904); Deuteronomy and Joshua, in R. Kittel's Biblia Hebraica (Leipsic, 1905); The Minor Prophets, in The Century Bible (London, 1906); The Book of Job (1906); and The Book of the Prophet Jeremiah (1906). He likewise collaborated with F. Brown and C. A. Briggs in A Hebrew and English Lexicon of the Old Testament (12 parts, Oxford, 1892-1905), and was a member of the editorial board of J. Hastings's Dictionary of the Bible (5 vols., Edinburgh, 1898-1904) and of the Studia Biblica (Oxford, 1885 sqq.).

DROSTE-VISCHERING, drōs'tê-fish'er-ing.

Activity at Münster (§ 1).

Mixed Marriages (§ 2).

Archbishop of Cologne (§ 3).

The University of Bonn (§ 4).

Droste-Vischering's Downfall (§ 5).


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