The following list of books is supplementary to the bibliographies given at the end of the articles contained in volumes I.–IV., and brings the literature down to June, 1909. In this list each vocabulary entry is printed in capital letters.

Altar: J. Wright, Some Notable Altars in the Church of England and the American Episcopal Church, London, 1909.

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A German translation of the first ed. of Calvin's "Institutes" was made by B. Speiss, Wiesbaden, 1887.


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Diseases and the Healing Art: Expository Times, April, 1909, pp. 332-333 (on the bubonic plague).

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Fundamental Doctrines: R. Seeberg, The Fundamental Truths of the Christian Religion, New York, 1908.

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Gildas the Wise: J. Briel, Saint Gildas, abbé de Rhuys, Vannes, 1908.


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