« Bezold, Carl Ernst Christian Bianchini (Blanchinus), Giuseppe Bible »

Bianchini (Blanchinus), Giuseppe

BIANCHINI, bî´´ān-kî´nî (BLANCHINUS), GIUSEPPE: Italian Biblical scholar; b. at Verona Sept. 9, 1704; d. after 1760. He was a member of the Congregation of the Oratory, and the author of two works bearing on the history of the Itala: Psalterium duplex juxta antiquam italicam versionem (Rome, 1740) and Evangeliarium quadruplex Latinæ versionis antiquæ seu veteris Italicæ (2 vols., 1749). The detailed statements in the first volume are valuable, but the text is inferior to Sabatier's Bibliorum sacrorum Latinæ versionis antiquæ (Reims, 1739 sqq.). The second, containing some older codices, supplements Sabatier.

K. Benrath.

« Bezold, Carl Ernst Christian Bianchini (Blanchinus), Giuseppe Bible »
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