« Autun Auxerre, Synod of Auxilius »

Auxerre, Synod of

AUXERRE, ō´´sār´, SYNOD OF: A diocesan synod held by Bishop Aunachar in the Burgundian city of Auxerre, the old Autessiodorum or Altisiodorum in Gallia Lugdunensis, 105 m. s.s.e. of Paris. Thirty-four priests, three deacons, and seven abbots were present. Its date can be only approximately fixed, since all we know of Aunachar is that he took part in the Synod of Paris in 573 and the two Synods of Macon in 583 and 585. It must accordingly have been held between 570 and 590. Forty-five canons were passed, which have a certain importance as contributing to our knowledge of the pagan superstitions still surviving at the period and condemned in several canons.

A. Hauck.

Bibliography: MGH, Legum, Sectio III, Concilia, vol. i, Concilia aevi Merovingici, i (1893), 178; Hefele, Conciliengeschichte, iii, 42-47, Eng. transl., iv, 409—114.

« Autun Auxerre, Synod of Auxilius »
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