« Army Arnaud, Henri Arnauld »

Arnaud, Henri

ARNAUD, ɑ̄r´´nō´, HENRI: Waldensian; b. at Embrun (58 m. s.e. of Grenoble), Department of Hautes Alpes, France, Sept. 30, 1641; d. at Schönenberg near Dürrmenz (19 m. n.w by w. of Stuttgart), Württemberg, Sept. 8, 1721. He studied at Basel, probably visited Holland, and continued his studies at Geneva; became pastor at Maneille in the valley of St. Martin, 1670, and later at an unknown place in Dauphné; fled to La Torre, Piedmont, probably shortly after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes (October, 1685). He counseled resistance to the persecution of the Waldensians undertaken by Victor Amadeus II., Duke of Savoy, at the instigation of Louis XIV of France, and, when this failed, with the remnant of his people (about 3,000 in number) took refuge in Switzerland. There he was active in plotting for a return, and in August, 1689, he led about 900 of the exiles back to their old homes, where they maintained themselves against the French and Savoyard troops until political conditions (the influence of William of Orange and a breach with France) led the Duke to withdraw his opposition (1690). In the ensuing war with France he rendered good service to the duke, but resumed his spiritual duties in 1692. In 1698, on the renewal of persecution following a fresh alliance with France, he again went into exile in Switzerland, visited Germany, Holland, and England in the interest of his people, and in 1699 settled in Württemberg as pastor of the Waldensians living in and about Dürrmenz. He wrote Histoire de la glorieuse rentrée des Vaudois dans leur vallées (Cassel, 1710; later eds., Neuchâtel, 1845, Geneva, 1879; Eng. transl by H. D. Acland, London, 1827).

Bibliography: For his life in German consult H. H. Klaiber, Henri Arnaud, nach den Quellen, Stuttgart, 1880; in Italian, E. Comba, Florence, 1889; Fr. ed. of the latter, abridged, with the addition of certain letters, Le Tour, 1889.

« Army Arnaud, Henri Arnauld »
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