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Section XII.

[1] 888888    Luke viii. 37a.And all the multitude of the Gadarenes entreated him to depart from them, because that great fear took hold upon them.

[2, 3] 889889    Matt. ix. 1.But Jesus went up into the ship, and crossed, and came to his city.  890890    Luke viii. 38.And that man from whom the devils went out entreated that he might stay with him; but [4] Jesus sent him away, and said unto him, 891891    Luke viii. 39a.Return to thy house, and make known what [5] God hath done for thee.  892892    Mark v. 20.And he went, and began to publish in Decapolis893893    Lit. the ten cities. what Jesus had done for him; and they all marvelled.

[6] 894894    Mark v. 21a; Luke viii. 40b.And when Jesus had crossed in the ship to that side, a great multitude received [7] him; and they were all looking for him.  895895    Luke viii. 41a.And a man named Jairus, the chief of the [8] synagogue, fell before the feet of Jesus, 896896    Mark v. 23a.and besought him much, and said unto him, I have an only daughter, and she is come nigh unto death; 897897    Matt. ix. 18b.but come and lay thy [9] hand upon her, and she shall live.  898898    Matt. ix. 19.And Jesus rose, and his disciples, and they followed [10] him.  899899    Mark v. 24b.And there joined him a great multitude, and they pressed him.

[11, 12] 900900    Mark v. 25.And a woman, which had a flow of blood for twelve years, 901901    Mark v. 26.had suffered much of many physicians, and spent all that she had, and was not benefited at all, but her [13] trouble increased further.  902902    Mark v. 27.And when she heard of Jesus, she came in the thronging of [14] [Arabic, p. 47] the crowd behind him, and touched903903    See § 8, 17, note. his garments; 904904    Mark v. 28.and she thought within [15] herself, If I could reach to touch his garments, I should live.  905905    Mark v. 29.And immediately the fountain of her blood was dried; and she felt in her body that she was healed [16] of her plague.  906906    Mark v. 30.And Jesus straightway knew within himself that power had gone out of him; and he turned to the crowd, and said, Who approached unto my garments?  [17] 907907    Luke viii. 45b.And on their denying, all of them, Simon Cephas and those with him said unto him, Our Master, the multitudes throng thee and press thee, and sayest thou, Who approached [18] unto me?  908908    Luke viii. 46.And he said, Some one approached unto me; and I knew that [19] power went forth from me.  909909    Luke viii. 47a.And that woman, when she saw that she was not hid [20] from him, came fearing and agitated (for she knew what had happened to her), 910910    Mark v. 33b; Luke viii. 47c.and fell down and worshipped him, and told, in the presence of all the people, for what [21] reason she touched him, and how she was healed immediately.  911911    Luke viii. 48; Mark v. 34b.And Jesus said unto her, Be of good courage, daughter; thy faith hath made thee alive; depart in peace, and be whole from thy plague.

[22] 912912    Luke viii. 49.And while he was yet speaking, there came a man from the house of the chief of the synagogue, and said unto him, Thy daughter hath died; so trouble not the [23] teacher.  913913    Luke viii. 50.But Jesus heard, and said unto the father of the maid, Fear not:  but believe [24] only, and she shall live.  914914    Mark v. 37.And he suffered no man to go with him, except [25] Simon Cephas, and James, and John the brother of James.  915915    Mark v. 38.And they reached the house of the chief of the synagogue; and he saw them agitated, weeping and wailing.  [26] 916916    Mark v. 39.And he entered, and said unto them, Why are ye agitated and weeping? the [27] [Arabic, p. 48] maid hath not died, but she is sleeping.  917917    Luke viii. 53.And they laughed at him, for [28] they knew that she had died.  918918    Mark v. 40b.And he put every man forth without, and took the father of the maid, and her mother, and Simon, and James, and John, and [29] entered into the place where the maid was laid.  919919    Mark v. 41.And he took hold of the hand of the maid, and said unto her, Maid, arise.  920920    Luke viii. 55a.And her spirit returned, and straightway [30] she arose and walked:  921921    Mark v. 42b.and she was about twelve years of age922922    Luke viii. 55b.And he commanded [31] that there should be given to her something to eat.  923923    Luke viii. 56.And her father wondered greatly:  63[32] and he warned them that they should tell no man what had happened.  924924    Matt. ix. 26.And this report spread in all that land.

[33] 925925    Matt. ix. 27.And when Jesus crossed over from there, there joined him two blind men, crying [34] out, and saying, Have mercy on us, thou son of David.  926926    Matt. ix. 28.And when he came to the house, those two blind men came to him:  and Jesus said unto them, Believe ye [35] that I am able to do this?  They said unto him, Yea, our Lord.  927927    Matt. ix. 29.Then he touched928928    Lit. went forward to (cf. § 8, 17, note). [36] their eyes, and said, As ye have believed, it shall be unto you.  929929    Matt. ix. 30.And immediately their eyes were opened.  And Jesus forbade them, and said, See that no man know.  [37] 930930    Matt. ix. 31.But they went out and published the news in all that land.

[38] 931931    Matt. ix. 32.And when Jesus went out, they brought to him a dumb man having a devil.  [39] 932932    Matt. ix. 33.And on the going out of the devil that dumb man spake.  And the multitudes marvelled, and said, It was never so seen in Israel

[40] 933933    Matt. ix. 35.And Jesus was going about in all the cities and in the villages, and teaching in their synagogues, and proclaiming the good news of the kingdom, and healing every disease [41] [Arabic, p. 49] and sickness; and many followed him.  934934    Matt. ix. 36.And when Jesus saw the multitudes, he had compassion on them, for they were wearied and scattered,935935    Lit. cast away (cf. meanings of Syriac word). as sheep [42] that have no shepherd.  936936    Matt. x. 1a; Luke ix. 1b.And he called his twelve disciples, and gave them power and [43] much authority over all devils and diseases; 937937    Luke ix. 2.and sent them two and two, that they [44] might proclaim the kingdom of God, and to heal the sick.  938938    Matt. x. 5.And he charged them, and said, Walk not in the way of the heathen, nor enter into the cities of the Samaritans.939939    § 34, 40, shows that this Arabic form may be so translated.  [45, 46] 940940    Matt. x. 6.Go especially unto the sheep that are lost of the sons of Israel.  941941    Matt. x. 7.And [47] when ye go, proclaim and say, The kingdom of heaven is come near.  942942    Matt. x. 8.And heal the sick, and cleanse the lepers, and cast out the devils:  freely ye have received, freely [48, 49] give.  943943    Matt. x. 9f.Get you not gold, nor silver, nor brass in your purses; 944944    Mark vi. 8b; Luke ix. 3.and take nothing for the way, except a staff only; nor bag, nor bread; neither shall ye have two tunics, [50] nor shoes, nor staff, but be shod with sandals; 945945    Matt. x. 10c; Mark vi. 9a.for the labourer is worthy of his food.  [51] 946946    Matt. x. 10d.And whatever city or village ye enter, inquire who is worthy in it, and there be until [52, 53] ye go out.  947947    Matt. x. 11.And when ye enter into the house, ask for the peace of the house:  and if the house is worthy, your peace shall come upon it; 948948    Matt. x. 12; Matt. x. 13.but if it is not worthy, your [54] peace shall return unto you.  949949    Matt. x. 14a; Mark vi. 11b.And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your sayings, when ye go out from that house, or from that village, shake off the dust [55] [Arabic, p. 50] that is under your feet against them for a testimony.  950950    Matt. x. 15.And verily I say unto you, To the land of Sodom and Gomorrah there shall be rest in the day of judgement, rather than to that city.

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