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Chapter I. Hadrian.

Chapter II. The Re-building of Jerusalem.

Chapter III. The Relative Tolerance of Hadrian—The First Apologists.

Chapter IV. The Johannine Writings.

Chapter V. The Beginning of a System of Christian Philosophy.

Chapter VI. Progress of the Episcopate.

Chapter VII. Forged Apostolical Writings.—The Christian Bible.

Chapter VIII. Millenarianism—Papias.

Chapter IX. The Commencement of Gnosticism.

Chapter X. Basilidies, Valentinus, Saturninus, Carpocrates.

Chapter XI. The last Revolt of the Jews.

Chapter XII. Disappearance of the Jewish Nation.

Chapter XIII. The Talmud.

Chapter XIV. The Mutual Hatred of Jews and Christians.

Chapter XV. Antonius Pius.

Chapter XVI. The Christians and Public Opinion.

Chapter XVII. The Sects at Rome—The Cerygmass—the Roman Christian—Definitive Reconciliation of Peter and Paul.

Chapter XVIII. Exaggeration of St Paul’s Ideas—Marcion.

Chapter XIX. The Catholic Apology—St Justin.

Chapter XX. Abuses and Penitence—New Prophecies.

Chapter XXI. Roman Pietism—The Shepherd of Hermas.

Chapter XXII. Orthodox Asia—Polycarpus.

Chapter XXIII. Martydom of Polycarpus.

Chapter XXIV. Christianity amongst the Gauls—The Church of Lyons.

Chapter XXV. The Strife at Rome—Martyrdom of St Justin—Fronton.

Chapter XXVI. The Apocryphal Gospels.

Chapter XXVII. Apocryphal Acts and Apocalypses.

Appendix I.

Appendix II.


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