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The Western Text of the Acts of the Apostles (1923). Note and translation. pp. 38-96.


The sole object of publishing this translation of the Greek text of so much of the Acts of the Apostles as has survived in the Codex Bezae is to enable the English reader to form a judgment, based on internal and literary evidence alone, as to the relation between the original source of this text, and that of the shorter text from which our A.V. and R.V. are translated. It is my belief that a careful examination of it will do more than suggest to the reader as possible, it will convince him of the fact, that we have before us traces of the revision of a work by the author himself, the words in thick type being struck by him out of his first draft, and the words in square brackets introduced. The other argument, based on external and historical evidence, pointing to the same conclusion, is also briefly alluded to in the Introduction.

This being the sole object of the translation, it will, I hope, be understood that this is not a critical collation of texts, and deals with no other critical question. Many obvious errors of transcription in the MS. are tacitly corrected. In some rewritten passages the whole is in thick type though parts of them appear in the ordinary text. The reader is assumed to have the R.V. open before him, or in his memory. The translation is in general that of the R.V. or its margin.

I have, in a word, endeavoured to put before the English reader the purely literary question----revision by author or interpolation by copyist----in a form at once fair and simple and readable.

The translation was made partly from Kipling's facsimile in folio, and completed and revised from Scrivener's very careful transcription. I fear that some errors will have been made or escaped correction, and I shall be truly grateful to anyone who will send me a note of them.

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