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Mr Biddle’s third chapter.

Ques. Were the heaven and earth from all eternity, or created at a certain time? and by whom?

Ans. Gen. i. 1.

Q. How long was God a making them?

A. Exod. xx. 11.

Q. How did God create man?

A. Gen. ii. 7.

Q. How did he create woman?

A. Gen. ii. 21, 22.

Q. Why was she called woman?

A. Gen. ii.23.

Q. What doth Moses infer from her being made a woman, and brought unto the man?

A. Gen. ii. 24.

Q. Where did God put man after he was created?

A. Gen. ii. 8.

141Q. What commandment gave he to the man when he put him into the garden?

A. Gen. ii. 16, 17.

Q. Was the man deceived to eat of the forbidden fruit?

A. 1 Tim. ii. 14.

Q. By whom was the woman deceived?

A. 2 Cor. xi. 9.

Q. How was the woman induced to eat of the forbidden fruit? and how the man?

A. Gen. iii. 6.

Q. What effect followed upon their eating?

A. Gen. iii. 7.

Q. Did the sin of our first parents in eating of the forbidden fruit bring both upon them and their posterity the guilt of hell-fire, deface the image of God in them, darken their understanding, enslave their will, deprive them of power to do good, and cause mortality? If not, what are the true penalties that God denounced against them for the said offence?

A. Gen. iii. 16–19.

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