Origen on Prayer

by Origen


Although it was written in the late first/early second century CE, today Origen on Prayer remains an influential text for believers on the practice, structure, and mindset of prayer. Early church scholar and theologian Origen was born, lived, and taught in Alexandria, Egypt and wrote several works. Origen writes that prayer is the way in which humans can know and have discourse with God. He notes the many ways prayer is depicted in the Bible, and then tackles the argument that prayer is superfluous. He describes the four purposes of prayer: requests, prayers (praise), intercessions, and thanksgivings. Origen also performs an exegesis of the Lord's Prayer, and this in-depth look at each phrase of the prayer is a valuable resource for Christians old and new. Origen concludes with comments on the formalities of prayer, in which he describes the proper posture and state of mind for praying. Origen on Prayer is helpful for those who wish to know how to approach prayer and notable for its expert discussion of the Lord's Prayer. Origen uses many Biblical references, particularly to prayerful characters, so the text presents a number of heralded role models for our communication with God.

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Picture of Origen
Picture of Origen
Source: Wikipedia
Born: January 1, AD 185
Died: January 1, AD 254
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