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Hymn 13

William Cowper


Seeking the beloved.


To those who know the LORD I speak,

Is my beloved near?

The bridegroom of my soul I seek,

O! when will he appear!

Though once a man of grief and shame,

Yet now he fills a throne;

And bears the greatest, sweetest name,

That earth or heav’n have known.

Grace flies before, and love attends

His steps where’er be goes;

Though none can see him but his friends,

And they were once his foes.

He speaks—obedient to his call

Our warm affections move;

Did he but shine alike on all,

Then all alike would love.

Then love in every heart would reign,

And war would cease to roar;

And cruel, and blood–thirsty men,

Would thirst for blood no more.

Such JESUS is, and such his grace,

Oh may he shine on you!

SS 5:8

And tell him, when you see his face,

I long to see him too.

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