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Hymn 69

John Newton


The LORD is my portion.

Lam 3:2487

From pole to pole let others roam,

And search in vain for bliss;

My soul is satisfied at home,

The Lord my portion is.

Jesus, who on his glorious throne

Rules heav’n and earth and sea;

Is pleased to claim me for his own,

And give himself to me.

His person fixes all my love,

His blood removes my fear;

And while he pleads for me above,

His arm preserves me here.

His word of promise is my food,

His Spirit is my guide;

Thus daily is my strength renewed

And all my wants supplied. 88See also Book 3, Hymn 59

For him I count as gain each loss,

Disgrace, for him, renown;

Well may I glory in his cross,

While he prepares my crown!

Let worldlings then indulge their boast,

How much they gain or spend!

Their joys must soon give up the ghost,

But mine shall know no end.

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