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Hymn 6

John Newton


The hardened sinner.


Ah, what can I do,

Or where be secure!

If justice pursue

What heart can endure!

When GOD speaks in thunder,

And makes himself known,

The heart breaks asunder

Though hard as a stone.

With terror I read

My sins heavy score,

The numbers exceed

The sands on the shore;

Guilt makes me unable

To stand or to flee,

So Cain murdered Abel,

And trembled like me.

Each sin, like his blood,

With a terrible cry,

Calls loudly on God

To strike from on high:

Nor can my repentance

Extorted by fear,

Reverse the just sentence,

’Tis just though severe.

The case is too plain,

I have my own choice;

Again, and again

I slighted his voice;

His warnings neglected,

His patience abused,

His gospel rejected,

His mercy refused.

And must I then go,

Forever to dwell

In torments and woe

With devils in hell?

Oh where is the Savior

I scorned in times past?

His word in my favor

Would save me at last.

Lord JESUS, on thee

I venture to call,

Oh look upon me

The vilest of all!

For whom didst thou languish,

And bleed on the tree?

Oh pity my anguish,

And say, “’Twas for thee.”

A case such as mine

Will honor thy pow’r;

All hell will repine,

All heav’n will adore;

If in condemnation

Strict justice takes place,

It shines in salvation

More glorious through grace.

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