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Hymn 41

John Newton


The way of access.


One glance of thine, eternal LORD,

Pierces all nature through;

Nor heav’n, nor earth, nor hell, afford

A shelter from thy view!

The mighty whole, each smaller part,

At once before thee lies;

And every thought, of every heart,

Is open to thine eyes.

Though greatly from myself concealed,

Thou see’st my inward frame;

To thee I always stand revealed,

Exactly as I am.

Since therefore I can hardly bear

What in myself I see;

How vile and black must I appear,

Most holy GOD, to thee.

But since my Savior stands between,

In garments dyed in blood;

’Tis he, instead of me, is seen,

When I approach to God.

Thus, though a sinner, I am safe;

He pleads before the throne,

His life and death, in my behalf,

And calls my sins his own.

What wondrous love, what mysteries,

In this appointment shine!

My breaches of the Law are his

2Cor 5:21

And his obedience mine.

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