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Hymn 39

John Newton


Great effects by weak means.


Unbelief the soul dismays,

What objections will it raise!

But true faith securely leans

On the promise, in the means.

If to faith it once be known,

God has said, “It shall be done,

And in this appointed way;”

Faith has then no more to say.

Moses’ rod, by faith upreared,

Ex 14:21

Through the sea a path prepared;

Jericho’s devoted wall,

Josh 6:20

At the trumpet’s sound must fall.

With a pitcher and a lamp,

Judg 7:22

Gideon overthrew a camp

And a stone, well aimed by faith,

1Sam 17:29

Proved the armed Philistine’s death.

Thus the LORD is pleased to try

Those who on his help rely;

By the means he makes it known,

That the pow’r is all his own.

Yet the means are not in vain,

If the end we would attain;

Though the breath of prayer be weak,

None shall find, but they who seek.

God alone the heart can reach;

Yet the ministers must preach;

’Tis their part the seed to sow,

And ’tis his to make it grow.

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