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Hymn 32

John Newton


Cast down, but not destroyed.

Though sore beset with guilt and fear,

I cannot, dare not, quite despair;

If I must perish, would the Lord

Have taught my heart to love his word?

348 Would he have giv’n me eyes to see

Judg 13:23

My danger, and my remedy,

Revealed his name, and bid me pray,

Had he resolved to say me nay?

No—though cast down I am not slain;

I fall, but I shall rise again;

Mic 7:8

The present Satan is thy hour,

But Jesus shall control thy pow’r:

His love will plead for my relief,

He hears my groans, he sees my grief;

Nor will he suffer thee to boast,

A soul, that sought his help, was lost.

’Tis true, I have unfaithful been,

And grieved his Spirit by my sin;

Yet still his mercy he’ll reveal,

And all my wounds and follies heal:

Abounding sin, I must confess,

Rom 5:20

But more abounding is his grace;

He once vouchsafed for me to bleed,

And now he lives my cause to plead.

I’ll cast myself before his feet,

I see him on his mercy–seat,

(’Tis sprinkled with atoning blood)

There sinners find access to God:

Ye burdened souls approach with me,

And make the Savior’s name your plea;

JESUS will pardon all who come,

And strike our fierce accuser dumb.

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