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Hymn 30

John Newton


Why should I complain?

When my Savior, my Shepherd is near,

How quickly my sorrows depart!

New beauties around me appear,

New spirits enliven my heart:

His presence gives peace to my soul,

And Satan assaults me in vain;

While my Shepherd his pow’r controls,

I think I no more shall complain.

But alas! what a change do I find,

When my Shepherd withdraws from my sight?

My fears all return to my mind,

My day is soon changed into night:

Then Satan his efforts renews

To vex and ensnare me again;

All my pleasing enjoyments I lose,

And can only lament and complain.

By these changes I often pass through,

I am taught my own weakness to know;

I am taught what my Shepherd can do,

And how much to his mercy I owe:

346 It is he who supports me through all,

When I faint he revives me again;

He attends to my prayer when I call,

And bids me no longer complain.

Wherefore then should I murmur and grieve?

Since my Shepherd is always the same,

And has promised he never will leave

Jer 1:19

The soul that confides in his name:

To relieve me from all that I fear,

He was buffeted, tempted, and slain;

And at length he will surely appear,

Though he leaves me awhile to complain.

While I dwell in an enemy’s land,

Can I hope to be always in peace?

’Tis enough that my Shepherd’s at hand,

And that shortly this warfare will cease;

For ere long he will bid me remove

Rev 2:10

From this region of sorrow and pain,

To abide in his presence above,

And then I no more shall complain.

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