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Hymn 57

William Cowper


For the poor.


When Hagar found the bottle spent,

Gen 21:19

And wept o’er Ishmael;

A message from the Lord was sent

To guide her to a well.

Should not Elijah’s cake and cruse,

1Ki 17:14

Convince us at this day,

A gracious God will not refuse,

Provisions by the way?

His saints and servants shall be fed,

The promise is secure;

“Bread shall be given them, he has said,

Their water shall be sure.”

Isa 33:16

Repasts far richer they shall prove

Than all earth’s dainties are;

’Tis sweet to taste a Savior’s love,

Though in the meanest fare.

To JESUS then your trouble bring,

Nor murmur at your lot;

While you art poor, and he is King,

You shall not be forgot.

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