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Hymn 55

John Newton


Freedom from care.


While I lived without the Lord,

(If I might be said to live)

Nothing could relief afford,

Nothing satisfaction give.

Empty hopes and groundless fear,

Moved by turns my anxious mind;

Like a feather in the air,

Made the sport of every wind.

Now, I see, whate’er betide,

All is well if CHRIST be mine;

He has promised to provide,

I have only to resign.

When a sense of sin and thrall,

Forced me to the sinner’s Friend;

He engaged to manage all,

By the way, and to the end.

“Cast, he said, on me thy care,

Ps 55:22

’Tis enough that I am nigh;

I will all thy burdens bear,

I will all thy wants supply.

Simply follow as I lead,

Do not reason but believe;

Call on me in time of need,

Thou shalt surely help receive.”

Lord I would, I do, submit,

Gladly yield my all to thee;

What thy wisdom sees most fit,

Must be, surely, best for me.

Only when the way is rough,

And the coward flesh would start,

Let thy promise and thy love,

Cheer and animate my heart.

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