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Hymn 36

John Newton


The meal and Cruse of oil.

1Ki 17:1648

By the poor widow’s oil and meal

Elijah was sustained;

Though small the stock it lasted well,

For God the store maintained.

It seemed as if from day to day,

They were to eat and die;

But still, though in a secret way,

He sent a fresh supply.

Thus to his poor he still will give

Just for the present hour;

But for tomorrow they must live

Upon his word and power.

No barn or storehouse they possess

On which they can depend;

Yet have no cause to fear distress,

For Jesus is their friend.

Then let not doubts your mind assail,

Remember, God has said,

“The cruse and barrel shall not fail,

“My people shall be fed.”

And thus though faint it often seems,

He keeps their grace alive;

Supplied by his refreshing streams,

Their dying hopes revive.

Though in ourselves we have no stock,

The Lord is nigh to save;

His door flies open when we knock,

And ’tis but ask and have.

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