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Hymn 58

William Cowper


O LORD, I will praise thee!

Isa 12

I Will praise thee every day

Now thine anger’s turned away!

Comfortable thoughts arise

From the bleeding sacrifice.

Here in the fair gospel field,

Wells of free salvation yield

Streams of life, a plenteous store,

And my soul shall thirst no more.

Jesus is become at length

My salvation and my strength;


And his praises shall prolong,

While I live, my pleasant song.

Praise ye, then, his glorious name,

Publish his exalted fame!

Still his worth your praise exceeds,

Excellent are all his deeds.

Raise again the joyful sound,

Let the nations roll it round!

Zion shout, for this is he,

God the Savior dwells in thee.

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