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Hymn 134

John Newton


Looking unto JESUS.

Heb 12:2167

By various maxims, forms and rules,

That pass for wisdom in the schools,

I strove my passion to restrain;

But all my efforts proved in vain.

But since the Savior I have known

My rules are all reduced to one;

To keep my LORD, by faith, in view,

This strength supplies and motives too.

I see him lead a suff’ring life,

Patient, amidst reproach and strife;

And from his pattern courage take

To bear, and suffer, for his sake.

Upon the cross I see him bleed,

And by the sight from guilt am freed;

This sight destroys the life of sin,

And quickens heav’nly life within.

To look to Jesus as he rose

Confirms my faith, disarms my foes;

Satan I shame and overcome,

By pointing to my Savior’s tomb.

Exalted on his glorious throne,

I see him make my cause his own;

Then all my anxious cares subside,

For Jesus lives, and will provide.

I see him look with pity down,

And hold in view the conqu’ror’s crown;

If pressed with griefs and cares before,

My soul revives, nor asks for more.

By faith I see the hour at hand

When in his presence I shall stand;

Then it will be my endless bliss,

To see him where, and as he is.

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