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Hymn 132

William Cowper


Old-Testament gospel

Heb 4:2165

Israel in ancient days,

Not only had a view

Of Sinai in a blaze,

But learned the gospel too:

The types and figures were a glass

In which they saw the Savior’s face.

The paschal sacrifice,

And blood–besprinkled door,

Ex 12:13

Seen with enlightened eyes,

And once applied with pow’r;

Would teach the need of other blood,

To reconcile an angry God.

The Lamb, the Dove, set forth

His perfect innocence,

Lev 12:6

Whose blood, of matchless worth,

Should be the soul’s defence:

For he who can for sin atone,

Must have no failings of his own.

The scape–goat on his head

Lev 16:21

The peoples’ trespass bore,

And to the desert led,

Was to be seen no more:

In him, our Surety seemed to say,

“Behold, I bear your sins away.”

Dipped in his fellows’ blood,

The living bird went free,

Lev 14:51-53

The type, well understood,

Expressed the sinner’s plea;

Described a guilty soul enlarged,

And by a Savior’s death discharged.

Jesus I love to trace

Throughout the sacred page;

The footsteps of thy grace,

The same in every age!

O grant that I may faithful be

To clearer light, vouchsafed to me.

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