–Older of the twin sons born to Isaac and Rebekah

–Birth of Ge 25:19-26; 1Ch 1:34

–Called Edom Ge 36:1,8

–A hunter Ge 25:27,28

–Beloved by Isaac Ge 25:27,28

–Sells his birthright for a single meal Ge 25:29-34; Mal 1:2; Ro 9:13; Heb 12:16

–Marries a Hittite woman Ge 26:34

–His marriage to, a grief to Isaac and Rebekah Ge 26:35

–Polygamy of Ge 26:34; 28:9; 36:2,3

–Is defrauded of his father’s blessing by Jacob Ge 27; Heb 11:20

–Meets Jacob on the return of the latter from Haran Ge 33:1

–With Jacob, buries his father Ge 35:29

–Descendants of Ge 36

–Hostility of descendants of, toward the descendants of Jacob Ob 1:10-14

–Ancestor of Edomites Jer 49:8

–Mount of Edom, called MOUNT OF ESAU Ob 1:8,9,18-21

–His name used to denote his descendants and their country De 2:5; Jer 49:8,10; Ob 1:6

–Prophecies concerning Ob 1:18

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