At the Back of the North Wind

by George MacDonald

This etext was digitized by Cardinalis Etext Press in 1993, and converted to HTML by Michael K. Johnson in 1996, with typos corrected and italics added from a printed edition by Airmont.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Hay-Loft
Chapter 2: The Lawn
Chapter 3: Old Diamond
Chapter 4: North Wind
Chapter 5: The Summer-House
Chapter 6: Out in the Storm
Chapter 7: The Cathedral
Chapter 8: The East Window
Chapter 9: How Diamond Got to the Back of the North Wind
Chapter 10: At the Back of the North Wind
Chapter 11: How Diamond Got Home Again
Chapter 12: Who Met Diamond at Sandwich
Chapter 13: The Seaside
Chapter 14: Old Diamond
Chapter 15: The Mews
Chapter 16: Diamond Makes a Beginning
Chapter 17: Diamond Goes On
Chapter 18: The Drunken Cabman
Chapter 19: Diamond's Friends
Chapter 20: Diamond Learns to Read
Chapter 21: Sal's Nanny
Chapter 22: Mr. Raymond's Riddle
Chapter 23: The Early Bird
Chapter 24: Another Early Bird
Chapter 25: Diamond's Dream
Chapter 26: Diamond Takes a Fare the Wrong Way Right
Chapter 27: The Children's Hospital
Chapter 28: Little Daylight
Chapter 29: Ruby
Chapter 30: Nanny's Dream
Chapter 31: The North Wind Doth Blow
Chapter 32: Diamond and Ruby
Chapter 33: The Prospect Brightens
Chapter 34: In the Country
Chapter 35: I Make Diamond's Acquaintance
Chapter 36: Diamond Questions North Wind
Chapter 37: Once More
Chapter 38: At the Back of the North Wind