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William Rees (Hiraethog)


The other hymn of his we give has for its theme Christ weeping over Jerusalem (Luke xix. 28-48).

Lo, He wept! Who, then, is He?

Christ the Lord! What shall we say?

Thousands wept before; but see

God as Man in tears to-day.

Lo, He wept! And why should He?

Oh, not for Himself one tear!

It was human misery

That had touched His soul so near.

Lo, He wept! And all around

See the crowd exulting leaps;

Loud and far the songs resound;

They rejoice--He only weeps.

Lo, He wept! He sees the doom

Of the city close at hand:

Soon to fall in awful gloom,

In the fire a burning brand!

Lo, He wept! What love hath He

For His enemies revealed!

Tears of gentle charity--

'Tis the heart of God unsealed.

Lo, He wept! Ah, sinner, see--

See, the tears are falling fast!

He of pity wept for thee--

And wilt thou not weep at last?


Dr. Rees was born in the month of November, 1802, at the foot of Hiraethog Hill, near Denbigh. It was in the same month, eighty-one years later, that he fell asleep in the city of Chester. 'The search of a tired soul for rest' came to an end, when the Saviour met him at the door and asked him to come in.

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