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William Williams

Quite other fields of experience are traversed in this hermit's hymn:

In lonely desert place,

Without one human friend,

If God would daily show His face,

I could my lifetime spend.

He is in every thing,

All-present every hour;

There is no creature that can bring

Its strength to help His power.

The fearful desert night,

Perils in every place,

And fear of death--all take their flight,

Where God reveals His face:

His beauty passing fair,

His peace, and perfect love,

Make holy festivals, where'er

He shineth from above.


Where Thou art, in all things

Immortal life abounds;

Like streams from out the rock it springs,

And reaches heaven's bounds:

From Thee alone have come

All dawns of shining white,

To guide, through wastes and lowlands home,

The children of the light.

Ye sun and moon, farewell;

Farewell, ye stars of night;

Where God's sweet presence comes to dwell,

There needs no other light:

A vast eternal day

Comes from His smiling face;

A better, greater light than they--

The radiance of His grace.

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