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William Williams

On another occasion he was staying for the night not far from the Prescelly Hills. Being up early next morning, he saw the whole range lying dark and frowning under the inist; but in the east the dawn was breaking up the shadows of night, and the sky was brightening with the promise of a new day--a picture which he has introduced into his well-known missionary hymn--

This, and 'Guide me, O Thou great Jehovah,' are the only two translated hymns of his that have found favour with editors of English hymnals. I believe the missionary hymn was written originally in English, and translated by his son into Welsh. The other is found in a little volume of English 36 hymns he published under the title of Gloria in Excelsis, for use in Mr. Whitefield's Orphans' House in America. It was prepared at the request of Lady Huntingdon, who had been much impressed by some other writings of his. Mr. Whitefield included it in his collection of hymns published in 1774; and since then it has had a place in most hymnals.

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