The Spirit of Prayer

by William Law

Part I. - 1749 & Part II. - 1750
Revised & Corrected by the Author: 1758


The HTML version of the 1758 edition of this manuscript is rather large; therefore we have chosen to break it into segments to make downloading faster for those who have problems with large files.

Part I: Chapter 1. Published in - 1749 revised and corrected
by the Author, reprinted in the year,1758
Part I: Chapter 2.
Part II: Dialogue 1. Published first in 1750; revised and corrected
by the Author for reprinting in the year, 1758
Part II: Dialogue 2.
Part II: Dialogue 3.

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This 1997 HTML version began with Warner White’s painstakingly transcribed text edition (see below) but its formatting and emphatic use have been revised by PTW Services to return the manuscript to its "close-to-original" formatting and wording as it was published in 1758. White’s text version was meticulously compared to the older published versions of Law’s work. Those typographical errors and omissions that were discovered during this preparation have also been corrected here as well.

The electronic ASCII version of William Law's The Spirit of Prayer in Two Parts, etc was transcribed in 1995 by Warner White working from the 1974 Georg Olms Verlag (Hildesheim NewYork) edition of The Works of the Reverend William Law.

According to White, "All of the works of William Law dated from 1737 and on have also been typed up and are being made available electronically. Notations have been added at the beginning of each paragraph containing the abbreviated title (in this case "Pryr") and the paragraph number to facilitate reference without depending upon a particular pagination. There is no copyright notice on the title pages (or backs of the title pages) of the volumes from which these have been typed; so presumably they are in the public domain and may be freely circulated and used. 6/6/95"