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A Demonstration of the Errors of a Late Book...

This electronic copy of William Law's Demonstration (etc.) has been typed by Warner White (wwhite@tdsnet.com, warner_white.parti@ecunet.org)from the 1974 Georg Olms Verlag (Hildesheim New York) edition of The Works of the Reverend William Law. All of the works of William Law dated from this one on have also been typed up and are being made available electronically. Notations have been added at the beginning of each paragraph containing the abbreviated title (in this case "Dem") and the paragraph number to facilitate reference without depending upon a particular pagination. The same has been done for the remaining works in the corpus beginning with A Demonstration of the.Errors of.a Late Book (etc.), 1737 (except for the final Letters to a Lady Inclined to enter into the Communion of the Church of Rome (1779)). There is no copyright notice on the title pages (or backs of the title pages) of the volumes from which these have been typed; so presumably they are in the public domain and may be freely circulated and used.



of the Gross and Fundamental Errors

Of a late book, called

A Plain Account of the Nature and

End of the Sacrament of the

Lord's Supper, &c.

Wherein also the nature and extent of the

redemption of all mankind by Jesus Christ

is stated and explained;


the pretences of the Deists, for a religion of

natural reason instead of it,

are examined to the bottom.

The whole humbly, earnestly, and affectionately

addressed to all orders of men,

and more especially

to all the younger clergy.

by William Law, M.A. London:

Printed by W. Innys and J. Richardson, R. Manby and J. S. Cox. 1737.

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