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Affray, terror; fright: (v.) to frighten.
Aggravate, to emphasise an enormity.
Aggreage, to aggravate.
Appointment, terms; agreement; truce or treaty.
Arguesyn, lieutenant (naut.).
Assedations, leases.
Assurance, truce; agreement for truce.

Bauk, beam.
Bear, barley.
Bide, to abide; biaden, abode.
Bill, letter; petition.
Birse, bristle; beard.
Block-house, tower; fort.
Boss, a worthless character.
Bourding, jesting.
Brook, to soil.
Bruik, to enjoy; to possess.
Bruit, common talk; rumours; repute.
Buds, gifts; bribes.
Buist (for browst), brewing.
Buist, box; chest.
Burgess, inhabitant of a burgh who has full municipal rights.
Burn, brook.
Burn his bill, make recantation.

Camp-volant, expeditionary force.
Cass, to annul.
Censement, judgment.
Chalder, a grain measure of about 90 bushels.
Chamber-child, valet-de-chambre.
Chanters, laics endowed with ecclesiastical benefices.
Chap, to strike; to knock.
Cheek-mate, familiar.
Chimley, chimney; fire-basket.
Clawback, sycophant.
Clerk-play, a dramatic entertainment founded on a passage of Scripture; a "mystery."
Cognition, evidence.
Comfort, strength; godly confidence.
Commend, an ecclesiastical benefice committed to a temporary holder.
Commendator, the holder of a commend.
Commodity, advantage.
Compear, to present oneself in response to a summons.
Compone, to agree.
Consequently, in sequence.
Consistory, Church Court.
Cordelier friar, Franciscan.
Cowp, to tilt.
Craig, neck.

424Credit, mandate; written instructions.
Crown of the sun, a French crown having as mint mark an emblem of the sun: gold coin worth 18s.
Cuid, chrisom.
Culverin, the largest cannon used in the 16th century.
Cummer, entanglement; broil; brawl.
Cunyie, mint, coinage; to mint, to coin.

Dad, to knock; to thump.
Dag, to shoot.
Deambulator, promenade.
Delate, to accuse.
Delation, accusation.
Delatour, procrastination.
Dictament, phraseology.
Ding, to knock violently; to dash (p. dang, p.p. dung).
Ditement, what is written.
Divagation, wandering from the straight course.
Divers, sundry.
Doctrine, act of teaching.
Document, warning; evidence.
Dolour, grief; distress.
Dontibour, courtesan.
Dortour, hangings; decorative draperies.
Dot, dowry.
Doted, endowed.
Down-thring, overthrow.
Dule-weed, apparel of mourning.
Dyke, wall.
Dyttament, dictation; guidance.

Effray, to frighten.
Eke, to increase.
Eke, eik, an addition.
Eme, uncle; kinsman.
Ensenyes, companies (milit.).
Exercition, bodily exercise; military exercise.—Jamieson.

Factors, stewards.
Factory, Scots equivalent of a power of attorney.
Fard, ardour; violence.
Fash, to trouble.
Fashery, trouble.
Fashious, troublesome.
Fertour, coffer.
File, thread; sequence.
Fillocks, giddy young women.
Fley, to scare; to frighten.
Flyrt and flyre, to mock and deride.
Forethink, to repent.
Fornent, over against.
Frack, active; ready; make frack, make bustling preparation.
Fray, fright.
Fremmed, strange; unfriendly.

Gaird, guard; civil establishment.
Gait, way; route; upon the gait, on the move.
Gar, to cause; gart, caused.
Gear, goods; stuff.
Girn, to grind or gnash the teeth.
Girnell, granary.
Glaise, a scorching.
Glister, lustre.
Glondours, a state of ill-humour.
Good-daughter, daughter-in-law.
Goodsire, maternal grandfather.
Greet, to weep; grat, wept.
Griping, extortionate.
Gukstoun Glaikstour, apparently a nickname. "A contemptuous designation, expressive of the combination of folly and vainglory."—Jamieson.

Hackbut, harquebus: species of hand firearm used in 15th and 16th centuries.
Hamesucken, the crime of beating or assaulting a person within his own house.
Harberous, hospitable.
425Hardess, harshness.
Herschip, plundering.
Horn, public intimation of outlawry.
Horning, outlawry; process of outlawry.
How, hollow; underground.
Hurl, to wheel.

Improve, to disprove.
Inable, to disqualify.
Incontinently, forthwith.
Indifference, impartiality.
Indifferent, impartial.
Induration, hardening of heart.
Indure, to remain of firm purpose.
Ingyne, ingenuity; genius.
Institute, to place in authority.
Irons, coining dies.
Ish, to come out; to sally forth.

Jack, a coat of mail.
Jackman, armed follower.
Jefwellis, jailbirds.
Jow, to toll.

Kep, to intercept; to catch.
Kindness, fealty of retainers.
Knap, to strike.
Knapscall, head-piece.
Kythe, to show; to practise.

Lair, to stick in the mire.
Lavachre, washing.
Lesing, lying.
Let, hindrance.
Letters, writs under the royal signet; summonses.
Lippen, to trust.

Manrent, vassalage.
Mansworn, perjured.
Marrow, match; equal.
Mell, to meddle.
Menyie, crowd of followers.
Mint, threat.
Modify, adjust.
Mows, jest.
Myster, skill; mastery.

Napkin, pocket-handkerchief.
Navy, fleet.
Neifeling, fisticuffs.
Neifs, fists.
Noisome, annoying; troublesome.

Pare, to diminish.
Partaker, ally.
Patron, skipper.
Penult, second last (day).
Peregrine, foreign; irrelevant.
Placebo, the opening antiphon of vespers for the dead, in the Romish service; from opening words of Psalm xvi.
Placeboes, parasites; flatterers.
Plack, a small copper coin.
Platt, to place close.
Platt on his knees, threw himself on his knees.
Pock, bag; case.
Poise, secret hoard of money.
Pottinger, apothecary.
Power, forces.
Practise, to intrigue.
Prevent, anticipate.
Propine, to present gifts.
Purchase, to sue out; to procure.
Purpose, conversation.

Rays, yards (naut.).
Reduce, to bring back.
Reek, smoke.
Regiment, rule; control.
Reif, robbery.
Retreat, to repudiate; to withdraw.
Rowping, crying hoarsely.
Ruse, boast.

Sark, shirt.
426Scaill, scaling-ladder.
Schybald, mean fellow.
Scrimple, to shrivel.
Scrip, to mock.
Seinyiè, synod; consistory.
Skaill, to disperse; to spill.
Slanting, range of fire.
Slogan, battle-cry.
Sloken, to quench.
Snappers, stumbles.
Sned, to clip, as with shears.
Sparse, to spread abroad.
Speir, to inquire.
Splent, armour for the legs.
Spunk, spark.
Spurtle, porridge stick.
Stammer, to stagger.
Stark, strong.
Stay, impediment.
Stock, crop from which teind was drawn.
Stog, to stab.
Stog-sword, long small-sword.
Stool, pulpit.
Stoop, support.
Stout, staunch.
Stowth, theft.
Sturr, to make disturbance or trouble.
Suppostis, supporters.
Sweir, unwilling.

Tabernacle, a shrine for host consecrated at mass.
Targetting of tails, bordering of gowns with tassels.
Teind, tenth-part; tithe.
Tine, to lose; tint, lost.
Tinsel, loss.
To-look, prospect.
Tor, arm (of a chair).

Umquhile, late; deceased.
Upaland, at a distance from the sea; in the country.
Upfall, matter cast up; incident.

Vassalage, feats of valour.
Vilipended, slighted; undervalued.

Warsel, wrestle.
Whinger, hanger (kind of sword).
Wiss, to imagine.
Wodness, fury; madness.
Wolter, overturn.
Wyte, blame.

Yett, gate.

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