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Ps 12:1-8. On title, see Introduction and see on Ps 6:1. The Psalmist laments the decrease of good men. The pride and deceit of the wicked provokes God's wrath, whose promise to avenge the cause of pious sufferers will be verified even amidst prevailing iniquity.

1. the faithful—or literally, "faithfulness" (Ps 31:23).

2. The want of it is illustrated by the prevalence of deceit and instability.

3, 4. Boasting (Da 7:25) is, like flattery, a species of lying.

lips, and … tongue—for persons.

5. The writer intimates his confidence by depicting God's actions (compare Ps 9:19; 10:12) as coming to save the poor at whom the wicked sneer (Ps 10:5).

6. The words—literally, "saying of" (Ps 12:5).

seven times—thoroughly (Da 3:19).

7. them—(Margin.)

8. The wicked roam undisturbed doing evil, when vileness and vile men are exalted.

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