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Ps 131:1-3. This Psalm, while expressive of David's pious feelings on assuming the royal office, teaches the humble, submissive temper of a true child of God.

1. eyes lofty—a sign of pride (Ps 18:27).

exercise myself—literally, "walk in," or "meddle with."

2. Surely, &c.—The form is that of an oath or strongest assertion. Submission is denoted by the figure of a weaned child. As the child weaned by his mother from the breast, so I still the motions of pride in me (Mt 18:3, 4; Isa 11:8; 28:9). Hebrew children were often not weaned till three years old.

soul—may be taken for desire, which gives a more definite sense, though one included in the idea conveyed by the usual meaning, myself.

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