« Agios O Theos Giuseppe Agnelli Fra. Guglielmo Agnelli »

Giuseppe Agnelli

Giuseppe Agnelli

Chiefly known for his catechetical and devotional works, b. at Naples, 1621; d. in Rome, 17 October, 1706. He entered the Society of Jesus, in Rome, in 1637. He was professor of moral theology, and rector of the colleges of Montepulciano, Macerata, and Ancona, and also Consultor of the Inquisition of the March of Ancona. He passed the last thirty-three years of his life in the professed house at Rome, where he died. He wrote

  • "Il Catechismo annuale". It was adapted to the use of parish priests, and contained explanations of the Gospels for every Sunday of the year. It went through three editions.
  • A week's devotion to St. Joseph, for the Bona Mors Sodality.
  • Four treatises on the "Exercises of St. Ignatius", chiefly with regard to election.
  • A Raccolta of meditations for a tridium and a retreat of ten days.
  • Sermons for Lent and Advent.

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« Agios O Theos Giuseppe Agnelli Fra. Guglielmo Agnelli »
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