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Girolamo Degli Angeli

Girolamo degli Angeli

An eminent pioneer missionary of Japan; born at Castro-Giovanni, Sicily, 1567; died 4 December, 1623. He entered the Society of Jesus in 1585, and in 1602 began his apostolate in Japan, remaining there after the publication of the edict expelling all missionaries from the country. An indefatigable worker, he was the first missionary to penetrate the hitherto unknown realms of Yezo, Jasu, and Cai. Angeli, after making many converts to Christianity, seeing that his neophytes were cruelly persected because of his presence among them and his preaching, gave himself up to the authorities. Condemned to death he underwent martyrdom by fire, in the public square of Yezo.


« Francesco Degli Angeli Girolamo Degli Angeli The Angelicals »
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