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In all probability this prophet's period was just after the conquest of Judah by Babylon, and prior to that of Edom by the same people, which it is his mission to proclaim (1). Of all the nations afflicting the Jews the chief were the Assyrians, the Babylonians and Edomites; and although the last-named were their close relatives, they were the greatest enemies of all. The Edomites descended from Esau, the brother of Jacob, the ancestor of Israel. Examine the map to familiarize yourself with their territory, and by the aid of the concordance or Bible dictionary, refresh your recollection of their relations with Israel in the past. Compare also Jeremiah 49:7-22.

The Edomites were not thought of very highly by their neighbors (2), but were conceited in their own eyes. Why (3)? Would their supposedly impregnable situation save them (4)? What figures of speech are used to show, by contrast, the thoroughness of the destruction to fall upon them (5, 6)? Of what were they proud in addition to the physical features of their territory (8, 9)?

Why is this judgment to fall upon them (10)? Note what they did in the case of Judah in her day of need: (1) They stood aloof (verse 11); (2) they rejoiced in her calamity (verse 12); (3) they boasted against her (same verse); (4) they shared in her spoiling (verse 13); (5) they prevented the escape of some of her people (verse 14); and (6) they actually delivered up some of them as prisoners (same verse). Is it to be wondered at that God should speak as He does (15, 16)?

And now mark the difference. Judah has been carried into captivity and her land was deserted, but was that condition in her case to continue (17)? On the contrary, what would be true of Edom (18)? In the day to come observe that while she will be swallowed up, Judah and Israel shall arise again, and possess not only their own land but that of Edom and Philistia as well (19, 20). It will be the day of the Messiah (21).


1. What was Obadiah's period?

2. What is his mission?

3. What relation existed between the Edomites and Israelites?

4. Have you identified the territory of the first named on the map?

5. How did they show enmity toward Israel?

6. What contrast will be seen in Edom and Israel in the time to come?

7. When will that be?

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