Note 184
From Chapter 50 of the Decline & Fall

D'Herbelot, p. 342. The enemies of the Fatimites disgraced them by a Jewish origin. Yet they accurately deduced their genealogy from Jaafar, the sixth Imam; and the impartial Abulfeda allows (Annal. Moslem. p. 230) that they were owned by many,

qui absque controversia genuini sunt Alidarum, homines propaginum suae gentis exacte callentes.

He quotes some lines from the celebrated Scherif or Rahdi,

Egone humilitatem induam in terris hostium? (I suspect him to be an Edrissite of Sicily) cum in Aegypto sit Chalifa de gente Alii, quocum ego communem habeo patrem et vindicem.

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