Note 166
From Chapter 50 of the Decline & Fall

This outline of the Arabian history is drawn from the Bibliotheque Orientale of D'Herbelot (under the names of Aboubecre, Omar Othman, Ali, etc.); from the Annals of Abulfeda, Abulpharagius, and Elmacin (under the proper years of the Hegira), and especially from Ockley's History of the Saracens (vol. i. p. 1 - 10, 115 - 122, 229, 249, 363 - 372, 378 - 391, and almost the whole of the second volume). Yet we should weigh with caution the traditions of the hostile sects; a stream which becomes still more muddy as it flows farther from the source. Sir John Chardin has too faithfully copied the fables and errors of the modern Persians (Voyages, tom. ii. p. 235 - 250, etc.).

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