Note 076
From Chapter 50 of the Decline & Fall

The three gods in the Koran (c. 4, p. 81, c. 5, p. 92) are obviously directed against our Catholic mystery: but the Arabic commentators understand them of the Father, the Son, and the Virgin Mary, an heretical Trinity, maintained, as it is said, by some Barbarians at the Council of Nice (Eutych. Annal. tom. i. p. 440.). But the existence of the Marianites is denied by the candid Beausobre (Hist. de Manicheisme, tom. i. p. 532); and he derives the mistake from the word Rouah, the Holy Ghost, which in some Oriental tongues is of the feminine gender, and is figuratively styled the mother of Christ in the Gospel of the Nazarenes.

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