Note 175
From Chapter 44 of the Decline & Fall

The xii tables and Cicero (pro Roscio Amerino, c. 25, 26) are content with the sack; Seneca (Excerpt. Controvers. v 4) adorns it with serpents; Juvenal pities the guiltless monkey (innoxia simia - 156.). Hadrian (apud Dositheum Magistrum, l. iii. c. p. 874 - 876, with Schulting's Note,) Modestinus (Pandect. xlviii. tit. ix. leg. 9.), Constantine (Cod. l. ix. tit. xvii.,), and Justinian (Institut. l. iv. tit. xviii.,) enumerate all the companions of the parricide. But this fanciful execution was simplified in practice.

Hodie tamen viv exuruntur vel ad bestias dantur (Paul. Sentent. Recept. l. v. tit. xxiv p. 512, edit. Schulting).
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