Note 101
From Chapter 44 of the Decline & Fall

For the state of slaves and freedmen, see Institutes, l. i. tit. iii. - viii. l. ii. tit. ix. l. iii. tit. viii. ix. Pandects or Digest, l. i. tit. v. vi. l. xxxviii. tit. i. - iv., and the whole of the xlth book. Code, l. vi. tit. iv. v. l. vii. tit. i. - xxiii. Be it henceforward understood that, with the original text of the Institutes and Pandects, the correspondent articles in the Antiquities and Elements of Heineccius are implicitly quoted; and with the xxvii first books of the Pandects, the learned and rational Commentaries of Gerard Noodt (Opera, tom. ii. p. 1 - 590, the end. Lugd. Bat. 1724.).

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