Note 053
From Chapter 44 of the Decline & Fall

The series of the civil lawyers is deduced by Pomponius (de Origine Juris Pandect. l. i. tit. ii.). The moderns have discussed, with learning and criticism, this branch of literary history; and among these I have chiefly been guided by Gravina (p. 41 - 79) and Heineccius (Hist. J. R. No. 113 - 351.). Cicero, more especially in his books de Oratore, de Claris Oratoribus, de Legibus, and the Clavie Ciceroniana of Ernesti (under the names of Mucius, etc.) afford much genuine and pleasing information. Horace often alludes to the morning labours of the civilians (Serm. I. i. 10, Epist. II. i. 103, etc).

Agricolam laudat juris legumque peritus
Sub galli cantum, consultor ubi ostia pulsat.
- - - - - - - -
Romae dulce diu fuit et solemne, reclusâ
Mane domo vigilare, clienti promere jura.
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