Note 034
From Chapter 44 of the Decline & Fall

Dion Cassius (tom. i. l. xxxvi. p. 100) fixes the perpetual edicts in the year of Rome, 686. Their institution, however, is ascribed to the year 585 in the Acta Diurna, which have been published from the papers of Ludovicus Vives. Their authenticity is supported or allowed by Pighius (Annal. Rom. tom. ii. p. 377, 378.), Graevius (ad Sueton. p. 778.), Dodwell (Praelection. Cambden, p. 665.), and Heineccius: but a single word, Scutum Cimbricum, detects the forgery (Moyle's Works, vol. i. p. 303.).

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