Note 133
From Chapter 21 of the Decline & Fall

Ample materials for the history of this third persecution of Athanasius may be found in his own works. See particularly his very able Apology to Constantius (tom. i. p. 673 [tom. i. p. 233 sqq. ed. Bened.]), his first Apology for his flight (p. 701 tom. i. p. 253 sqq. ed. Bened.]), his prolix Epistle to the Solitaries (p. 808), and the original Protest of the People of Alexandria against the violences committed by Syrianus (p. 866 [p. 311, ed. Bened.]) Sozomen (1. iv. c. 9) has thrown into the narrative two or three luminous and important circumstances.

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