Note 053
From Chapter 55 of the Decline & Fall

According to Adam of Bremen (de Sitû Daniæ, p. 58), the old Curland extended eight days' journey along the coast; and by Peter Teutoburgicus (p. 68, A.D. 1326), Memel is defined as the common frontier of Russia, Curland, and Prussia.

Aurum ibi plurimum, (says Adam) divinis auguribus atque necromanticis omnes domus sunt plenae .... a toto orbe ibi responsa petuntur, maxime ab Hispanis (forsan Zupanis, id est regulis Lettoviae) et Graecis.

The name of Greeks was applied to the Russians even before their conversion; an imperfect conversion, if they still consulted the wizards of Curland (Bayer, tom. x. p. 378, 402, etc. Grotius, Prolegomen. ad Hist. Goth. p. 99).

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