Note 040
From Chapter 55 of the Decline & Fall

Among these colonies we may distinguish,
1. The Chazars, or Cabari, who joined the Hungarians on their march, (Constant. de Admin. Imp. c. 39, 40, p. 108, 109).
2. The Jazyges, Moravians, and Siculi, whom they found in the land; the last were perhaps a remnant of the Huns of Attila, and were intrusted with the guard of the borders.
3. The Russians, who, like the Swiss in France, imparted a general name to the royal porters.
4. The Bulgarians, whose chiefs (A.D. 956) were invited, cum magna multitudine Hismahelitarum . Had any of those Sclavonians embraced the Mahometan religion?
5. The Bisseni and Cumans, a mixed multitude of Patzinacites, Uzi, Chazars, etc., who had spread to the Lower Danube. The last colony of 40,000 Cumans, A.D. 1239, was received and converted by the kings of Hungary, who derived from that tribe a new regal appellation (Pray, Dissert. vi. vii. p. 109 - 173. Katona, Hist. Ducum, p. 95 - 99, 259 - 264, 476, 479 - 483, etc.).

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