Note 029
From Chapter 55 of the Decline & Fall

Leo has observed, that the government of the Turks was monarchical, and that their punishments were rigorous, (Tactic. p. 896 Ancient Greek). Rhegino (in Chron. A.D. 889) mentions theft as a capital crime, and his jurisprudence is confirmed by the original code of St. Stephen, (A.D. 1016). If a slave were guilty, he was chastised, for the first time, with the loss of his nose, or a fine of five heifers; for the second, with the loss of his ears, or a similar fine; for the third, with death; which the freeman did not incur till the fourth offence, as his first penalty was the loss of liberty (Katona, Hist. Regum Hungar tom. i. p. 231, 232).

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