Note 038
From Chapter 52 of the Decline & Fall

See Abulfeda (Annal. Moslem. p. 136-145), Eutychius(Annal. tom. ii. p. 392, vers. Pocock), Elmacin (Hist. Saracen. p. 109 - 121), Abulpharagius, (Hist. Dynast. p. 134-140), Roderic of Toledo (Hist. Arabum, c. xviii. p. 33), Theophanes (Chronograph. p. 356, 357, who speaks of the Abbassides under the names of Ancient Greek and Ancient Greek), and the Bibliotheque of D'Herbelot, in the articles Ommiades, Abbassides, Moervan, Ibrahim, Saffah, Abou Moslem.

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